Tips For A Gas Refrigerator

The gas refrigerator is a very useful alternative to the electrical refrigerator. When you use a gas refrigerator, you save a great deal of money on your electricity bill. The gas refrigerator is a very powerful and very efficient cooling tool. It shall stay cold for a long period of time and will keep all your food items very fresh and cool. Such refrigerators do not require power sources. All they require is being hooked up to the propane tanks. However, if you have such a refrigerator in your case, then there are certain tips that you need to consider in order to prevent any hazard from taking place.

Useful Tips to Consider when Running the Gas Refrigerators

Vacate Home when there is a Leak and Chill Fridge for 12 Hours

One of the most important tips which you have to keep in mind when you have a gas refrigerator at home is to make sure that the gas does not leak. Propane is a substance which is odorless and colorless and the manufacturers of propane add a very distinct smell to it on the basis of which you will be able to recognize it. This smell is quite similar to the smell of rotten eggs. In case you get such a smell, what you must do is avoid turning on or switching off any electricity in your house. You should also not light matches, candles or any substances that are likely to ignite flames. You must open the windows and the doors to air out the entire area after which you have to vacate the premises. You must call the dealers in propane immediately, informing them of what has occurred so that they can take steps to solve the problem. Another vital tip which you ought to consider when you have a gas refrigerator at home is to chill your fridge down for twelve hours at least before you place food items inside of it. You also need to allow the unit to get stabilized for a period of a few days before you adjust the temperature of the fridge. You must remember that fridges respond to ambient air temperature, change in the door opening cycles, humidity and thermostat changes. You can make use of an external thermometer for gauging the temperature in the morning time in order to get a reading which is accurate.

Installation and Pressure Considerations

Installation and pressure are two very important considerations that you need to make when you have a gas refrigerator in your house. A difference in the gas pressure could affect the performance of your fridge very greatly. Normal gas pressure is usually eleven inches of water for the propane fridges. You need to ensure that the gas valve is very slow turned in order to protect pressure. You also need to wash your fridge regularly with water and soap after it has been installed in your house. By keeping your fridge clean you will be able to ensure its efficient functioning.

Thus, by taking these valuable tips into consideration you will be able to have a gas refrigerator that functions very efficiently in your home.

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