Issues Associated with Natural Gas Fridges And How To Fix Them

The natural gas refrigerator is a very important appliance which you should consider using in your kitchen. This is because such a fridge will not only reduce your expenses in electricity but will also be very good for your surrounding environment. The electrical refrigerators consume a lot of power and as a result you have to spend a very high amount on electricity every month. With the natural gas refrigerator, you will not face this problem. However there are certain problems associated with the natural gas refrigerator.

Natural Gas Fridge Problems

Leakage and Gravity Problems

Leakage is one of the most well known problems that you are likely to be faced with when you use the natural gas refrigerator. The cooling unit of the refrigerator is likely to start leaking when hydrogen gas escapes through it. This is highly dangerous, as when such a leakage occurs, your refrigerator could be at risk of getting blown up. You will be able to detect that there is a leak in your refrigerator if you get a very strong ammonia smell in the area where you have kept your fridge. The propane gas on which the fridge runs has a smell similar to that of rotten eggs or ammonia and consequently when you get such a smell, you will be able to know whether there has been a gas leak in your fridge or not. Another problem which you need to be aware of when you have a natural gas refrigerator in your house is the problem of gravity. You need to ensure that you have placed your fridge over a very even surface. The refrigerators depend a great deal on gravity for moving their cooling chemicals via the system. So if you have your fridge placed over a surface that is uneven then these cooling chemicals could start backing up and your refrigerator might suffer from problems such as overheating. You can solve such a problem by tipping your fridge over for dislodging the crystals. You can also solve the problem by replacing the cooling units inside your fridge.

Pilot Light

When you have a natural gas refrigerator at home, then you need to keep the pilot light in the fridge working. There are coils in the back of your fridge which are usually kept warm by the flames which emanate from the burning of the gas. If your fridge’s pilot light goes out continuously, then you need to take steps to clean the burner tube, the orifice and the flue. One way by which you can do this is blowing some compressed air through flue. After that you need to soak the burner tube and the orifice in alcohol and allow them to get dried by air. Thereafter you must reassemble all the components of the pilot light.

Thus, there are various problems which you could face when you use a natural gas refrigerator. However, if you take immediate steps to solve these problems, you will be able to prevent any damaging consequence from transpiring.

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Ed Palys

When trying to light the propane gas refrigerator, I press and hold the starting button (plunger) and light the burner. As soon as I release the plunger the flame goes out. I have cleaned the chimney (about 1 & 1/2 inch Diameter tube on the back of the fridge) and the burner head with compressed air along with the tube leading up to the burner. The refrigerator is level and worked before I started turning down the temperature dial by tipping the refrigerator to the side just enough to reach under it (the rod that runs back to the dial is missing). The burner will stay lit for as long as I hold the button in.



I just emailed you. So check your email for my reply. It was too long for a blog comment ; )


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