Functioning of the Propane Refrigerator

The propane fridge is basically a closed system fridge which operates on principles that are very similar to those of the standard electrical refrigerators that you will come across in most kitchens. Instead of the electrically powered pumps that are known to drive the cooling agents through the pipes that are contained within the casing of fridges, a propane fridge will make use of propane as well as heat application to pressurized chambers for achieving the exact same result. Such fridges are usually found in the recreational vehicles. They are technically portable. Several miniature versions of the propane fridge have been sold successfully for use during outdoor gatherings and picnics.

Important Facts about the Propane Refrigerator

Structure of the Propane Refrigerator

The internal working of the propane fridge is composed primarily of pressurized pipes which run through the casing of the fridge, interspersed by five primary components. Such components include the separator, the evaporator, the condenser, the absorber and the generator. These components are all connected to each other in a line and perform various processes that are vital for maintaining low temperatures within the fridge.

Functioning of the Propane Refrigerator

The gas burner or the propane burner is generally connected underneath the fridge. This gas burner heats up the generator. A combination of ammonia and water is contained inside the generator which starts to boil. This boiling solution passes through a pipe towards the separator separates the water and the ammonia owing to the difference that exists in the molecular weight between ammonia and water. The ammonia then rises up in gas form while the water does not. Consequently the water makes its way to the absorber and waits for later use while the ammonia makes its way to the container. A condense is a very expansive device which enables the heat of the ammonia to dissipate. The ammonia then converts to liquid form again. After that the ammonia is shunned towards an evaporator where it is mixed with the compressed hydrogen gas. When it mixes with the compressed hydrogen gas it evaporates once again into frozen vapor. This vapor is then pumped through cooling coils inside the fridge owing to the pressure which has been created initially by the generator. After the vapor has passed through these coils it makes its way to the absorber where it recombines with water. After that a chemical reaction takes place during which ammonia combines with water as liquid. The hydrogen makes its way up a pipe to the evaporator and awaits a repetition of this cycle. The water and the ammonia then make their way down towards the generator.

Thus, if you want to know how the propane fridge functions, you have to keep all these important details in mind. The propane fridge functions exactly like the electrical refrigerators with only a little difference. It is a lot more environment friendly that the electrical refrigerators and you will be able to save a lot of money on your monthly electricity bill if you use such a propane fridge.

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