Fixing the RV Gas Fridge

The rv gas fridge is a marvelous refrigerating system which you can purchase for the purpose of storing your household food items in a cool environment and keeping them fresh for a long time. These fridges operate without any power sources and are quite easy to install. The rv gas fridge can be a pit expensive to buy, since these fridges are a lot more efficient than the fridges which are powered by electricity. However, such fridges are also likely to get exposed to wear and tear a lot. You need to be vigilant about your RV gas fridge and take good care for it. In case your RV gas fridge gets damaged, there are several crucial steps you can take to fix the problem.

Steps for Fixing Gas Fridge

Check Level of Refrigerator and Mode of Refrigerator

In order to fix your rv gas fridge, one of the things which you should definitely do is check your refrigerator by using a bubble level in case it is not cooling in an adequate manner. Your rv gas fridge could be parked over a slope and you need to ensure that it is placed at the correct level if you are facing technical problems with your fridge. You should also check if your refrigerator is working in one particular mode or not when you experience technical difficulties with your RV gas fridge. You should look into the condition of your onboard battery. If it is running low then you might have to change it.

Check Whether Device is Operating on Gas/Electricity and for Built up Residue

A vital step which you need to take in order to repair your rv gas fridge when it is not working properly is to check whether or not your refrigerator burner happens to be operating in electricity mode. This is very important as if your burner is operating in the gas mode, you will be likely to incur trouble. You should also check your burner to see whether it contains any built up residue. This could seriously impede the operation of your burner especially if pilot is lit and the fridge is not cooling. If there is built up residue then you can blow this away with the help of a can that contains air spray. You need to tap over the burner flue while you spray for removing the residue which has built up inside the burner flue.

Look out for Yellow Powder Traces or Ammonia Odor

If you happen to spot traces of bright yellow powder or smell ammonia gas, you should turn off the gas and electric supply to your refrigerator almost immediately. Yellow powder or the smell of ammonia could mean that the cooling unit of your refrigerator has a leak. You should check the gaskets that are positioned around your refrigerator door to make sure whether or not your refrigerator’s cooling unit is actually leaking.

Thus, there are quite a number of essential steps that you need to take in order to repair your RV gas fridge.

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